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1. Where do I buy cryptocurrency?

There is a number of cryptocurrency exchanges on the web. The most visited is Coinbase, To get an intro into cryptocurrency buying, read this nice short article

2. Aren’t you scammers?

Nope! We have working business and many running projects. Get acquainted with them at our parent company’s website

3. Will you conduct bounty program? What jobs will you reward for?

The bounty campaign is already in progress. Visit for more information.

4. Will you kick off a referral program?

Yes, we will. To be notified of the start of the program, subscribe on our website

5. ICO is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. In three months it will wind up in a crash.

We do a working business and attract money to facilitate its development and expansion. Please, visit our website to see our current customer base.

6. What is Token? Why do I need it?

Our token is a utility token based on Ethereum.  It grants access to MiniApps Space and partner’s discount. During the ICO 1MAT=0.01ETH but it’s value in MiniApps Space community will be about $500. That’s why we think the token has great potential for growth. Please read the article

7. How do I pay for the Token?

When MiniApps TGE goes on you can buy Token using our Ethereum smart contract. Transfer ETH from your ERC20/ERC223 compatible wallet to the smart contract address. The list of Ethereum compatible wallets is located here To learn more about Ethereum tokens, refer to this guide

Important! Under no circumstances pay for the Tokens from exchange wallets, or from incompatible wallets!

8. When do I get my Token?

We will send Token to your Ethereum wallet immediately after we get your ETH on our smart contract.

9. Where should I keep my Token?

Keep your Token in your ERC20/ERC223 compatible Ethereum wallet. The list of Ethereum compatible wallets is found here

10. What exactly do I own after buying Token? Is it a share in the company?

You hold the right to access some features of MiniApps platform and related software. See the full list of features granted to Token holders in our WP, section “MiniApps Token (MAT) definition”. Token does not give you a share in the business. Don’t think of it as stocks in the broad sense of this word.

11. Why ICO/TGE? How do you plan to spend the raised money?

Since MiniApps platform is already a working product, the attracted funding will primarily be used for scaling and entering new markets, which we plan to achieve developing partner network and spending on marketing. The goal of the Token Generation Event is to obtain enough financial resource for MiniApps to reach the tipping point of 10% of the market, followed by the global market leadership. More precisely, 68% on marketing, 25% on development, 7% on tech support.

12. What is a lucrative merit of Token? Why it should raise in price in a month, or half a year, or a year?

Token gives MiniApps partner a discount on attracted clients. This discount is 50% from the regular price. You can achieve profit of $180 in a year, or even more depending on what chatbots you implement and what templates you use. Alternatively, you can sell your Tokens to those who seeks to become MiniApps partner, or simply sell them at a crypto-exchange.

13. Will there be escrow?

No, because Token becomes usable right after the ICO finishes.

14. Where can I see your advisors?

Refer to and our WP.

15. Where can I watch the ICO/TGE progress and how much has already been collected?

The TGE progress will be displayed at

16. How long does a payment takes? What is the transaction fee?

Normally a payment takes less than 10 minutes. Commission in Ethereum is not fixed. You only control its upper limit when sending ETH to the smart contract by setting the Gas Limit.

17. Have you set a soft cap? What if it is not reached?

Yes, there is a soft cap of $2,000,000. Should we fail to reach it, we will return all money to TGE participants.

18. Have you set a hard cap?

Yes, no more than 100,000 ETH shall be attracted during the TGE.

19. What if you collect more money than you need?

If we raise money within the hard cap limit, but exceeding our actual needs, the surplus will form the reserve fund, which will be governed by the Board of Directors.

20. What is the chance that Tokens drop in price after ICO/TGE?

We do not provide any forecast of the Token price because MiniApps Token is not a security. Its value for the partner depends on the partner’s performance in selling MiniApps based services.

21. What factors are able to affect the price of Token in the future, either negatively or favourably?

The risks described in our WP can negatively affect the whole MiniApps project implementation. On the other hand realization of our plans ahead of schedule can favour the value of Token on the secondary market.

22. When will Tokens be listed at exchanges? Which exchanges?

We plan to start listing right after the TGE is over. The process can take up to several months. We consider exchanges of China, Asia, North America, and others.

23. How much will I earn for the whole time?

It depends on your effort as MiniApps partner and on the situation on markets, including crypto-token secondary markets.

24. Will you organize Token pre-sale? When and on what conditions?

So far we have no definite plans on further pre-sale.

25. I consider putting a pretty big sum of money into the project. Will I have some privileges arising from it, like voting right, for example?

All participants have equal conditions. See our ToS for details.

26. Can I draw Tokens out of your service?

Since MiniApps Tokens comply with ERC20/ERC223 standard, you can use any Ethereum compatible wallet to put your Tokens into. See here the list of compatible wallets However, you should transfer Tokens to the internal wallet of your account, if you need to access MiniApps features.

27. How to store MiniApps Tokens safely?

Although you can use any Ethereum compatible wallet (see the list of compatible wallets here, we recommend you to store Tokens in so called cold/offline wallets. Consider e.g. MyEtherWallet in the offline mode

28. I am somewhat worried about possible hacker attacks. How strong is your system?

We employ all necessary technologies and procedures to protect MiniApps platform and website against various malicious activities. However, if you need to store significant amount of Tokens, you would be better off using third party’s Ethereum cold wallets.

29. Is there any entry barrier? What is the upper limit?

We do not want to restrict participation by setting a minimum requirement. Everyone is welcomed to the MiniApps crowd. Nor is there any upper limit.

30. What does it mean to possess a Token juridically?

Formally, Token is a digital asset. Therefore it is regulated by the whole set of laws applicable to digital assets and ownership thereof. In most cases your possession of our Token is construed as possession of a cryptocurrency.

31. Should tokens be banned or severely restricted, what would happen to my outlay?

If you feel tense about it, consult with your legal practitioner on how to legalize your Tokens. Bear in mind that MiniApps Tokens are in fact another representation of the good old software license. Also, notice that technically your Tokens are in your wallet and can not disappear from there.

32. How do you protect your Token owners?

MiniApps Token holders are protected by the Ethereum technology. In this sense they have the same level of security as holders of Ethereum itself.

33. How soon will I get my Tokens after the initial offering (Token Launch) is over?

Tokens become yours right after you purchase them. However, you can start transferring the Tokens (the transfer ERC method becomes available) in several days after the TGE closes.

34. Do MiniApps Tokens comply with ERC20 standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?

Of course they do. Just note that we recommend you to use one of the ERC20/ERC223 compatible wallets. See the list of compatible wallets here You would be even better off using cold wallets. To know more about cold wallets refer here

35. What do you think of the recent SEC’s statement?

SEC did not state anything new. No new laws have been put into force in the USA. SEC only clarified what is regarded securities and falls under SEC’s regulation. In particular SEC declared that exchanges allowing US citizens to trade securities must obtain permissions from SEC. Crypto exchanges were said to fall under this regulation too. This has led to the situation whereby many crypto exchanges suspended trading of tokens to US citizens.

36. Can I have a look at mentions of you in the media?

See the list of publications on our website.

37. What exactly is the source of revenue for MiniApps? How much do you keep back?

MiniApps is essentially a multiparty market, where there are clients who use chatbots, partners who create chatbots, and template developers. MiniApps retains about 18% of the revenue, 50% is due to partners in the form of discount, and template developers get 32%.

38. How many people work in the MiniApps team?

Our team consists of 20 people, not to mention advisors. You can see the key members of the team on our website and in the WP.

39. I have never heard of MiniApps. Who are you guys?

MiniApps – AI & Blockchain Powered Chatbot Ecosystem bridging the Gap Between Hi-Tech and Small Businesses. MiniApps has been commercially available for more than one year. The main web site is We have very strong team working together for more than 15 years. We have experience in creating corporate solutions for telecom, mobile messaging, banks, and financial service providers. We are good in creating high-performance platforms for messaging, fintech, and security. Our installations combined handle about 1 billion transactions per month.

40. What is your current customer base?

Currently we have several partners in Russia, Africa, and South-East Asia. We follow our roadmap to expand the partner network to the whole world. Also we have about 5000 registered clients in different countries.

41. What jurisdiction your business operates under?

The TGE is conducted by Ya Tai Capital Inc., Mill Mall Tower, 2nd Floor, Wickhams Cay 1, PO Box 4406, Road Town, Tortola BVI. MiniApps Group also includes entities in the USA and Singapore.

42. What differs you from competitors

We see several important differences. MiniApps supports several best AI platforms. Moreover, the architecture allows to connect new AI platforms, which is extremely important for global expansion, where we will have to work with a plethora of AI solutions in different countries and for different languages.

43. Do you use Github? Are you open source?

No we don’t use Github. The platform docs with some source code are hosted on our main web site We plan to open source of our platform before the second stage (MiniApps Space) when third parties will be able to host MiniApps Core. At this moment the core is closed source. Only some parts of the platform are open source. We decided to go this way, because open sourcing the core is a complicated process requiring significant resource and specific business processes to support dev community working on the core.

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