Phase 2 is expected in Q1 2018.
Stay tuned!

Based on KIRIK Blockchain

Next generation blockchain to make tokenization and smart contracts simple.

Ethereum Based Blockchain, PoW, KRK Coin

Semantic Smart Contracts

User Friendly Tokenization

Rewards for Useful Activity

Based on MiniApps Chatbots

Visual Token Editor Solution


  • Low cost of GAS
  • Proven PoW security
  • Minable (Ethashalgorithm)
  • Rewards for useful activity


  • User friendly
  • SMM support
  • Powered by chatbots and AI
  • Measurements tools
  • Suitable for Small Business
  • Multi-factor security built-in into the platform


  • User friendly
  • Support for Domain Specific Languages
  • Verifiable (Non Turing-complete)
  • Mathematically proven
  • High expressive power Blockchain vs Ethereum



Mining algorithm Ethash
GAS price
Simplicity of Wallet
Simplicity of smart contracts

Next generation features

Semantic smart contracts
Rewards for useful activity
Tokenization 2.0

Token Sale Summary

Phase 1

Until 19 December 2017

MiniApps Token (MAT) Ethereum ERC20 compatible product token
Token Value To be converted to KRK coin during Phase 2 with up to 75% bonus
Token price 1 MAT = 0.01 ETH
Exchanges Immediately become available on EtherDelta after token sale
Token supply 1 248 964
Phase 2

2018 Q1

KRK coin Ethereum based blockchain. Minable.
Coin Value Tokenization for Community Marketing
Easy to issue tokens (based on KRK)
Easy to understand smart contracts (Semantic smart contracts)
Chatbot based Wallet
Coin price 1KRK = 0.0001ETH, 1MAT = from 100 to 175KRK depending on bonus Clients Roadmap 2017-2020

FEB-2016 Project Started
First Commercial Launch
1000 Developers Registered
Scaling Strategy Formulated
Pre-TGE started
Phase 1
Token: MAT = 0.01ETH (will be converted to KRK coin during Phase 2)
MAT listing
MAT is available at some major crypto-exchanges.
2018 Q1
Phase 2
Coin: KRK = 0.0001ETH. Ethereum based blockchain. Easy to issue tokens (based on KRK). Easy to understand smart contracts
KRK listing
KRK is available at some major crypto-exchanges.
Tokenization v 1.0
Tokenization for community marketing. Easy and transparent. Based on chatbots and social networks.
Semantic smart contracts
Easy to understand smart contracts.



Vitaly Gumirov - Co-founder



The founder of, Vitaly graduated from Novosibirsk State Uni where he specialised in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science. He has 25 year experience in IT industry and several successful businesses in his track record. His company Eyeline Communications became a leading vendor of SMS/USSD centers in Russia.



Yuri is co-founder of Eyeline Communications and Vitaly’s business partner during last 20 years. All their business ideas are preliminarily examined by Yuri, and as a result, complete business mechanisms appear with legal design, optimal financial flows and accurate reporting.



Graduated from Novosibirsk State University, Peter has been working in IT since 1992. In Eyeline he was responsible for USSD/SMS and chatbot services (Telegram, Skype, VK, Facebook). Peter is author of several patents related to telecommunications and information technologies.

Pavel Karavanov


Pavel has MBA degree from The State University of Management and MSc from Novosibirsk State Uni. (Mathematics). He held positions of CTO and Deputy Product Director in Eyeline focusing on the company's key Telecom clients. Pavel has almost 20 years of experience in IT project management.


Senior Architect of Miniapps, Sergey is a specialist in distributed transactions, databases, high-load systems, GSM stack technologies. He is our most experienced developer.


Victor is our leading specialist in blockchain technology. He is a guru in GSM stack technologies and wrote (with Serge Lugovoy) the core of superfast 10,000 TPS Eyeline SMS/USSD Center, serving Mobile TeleSystems network in Russia.


Eugenу is a key developer of Miniapps core. He graduated from Novosibirsk State and Novosibirsk State Tech universities. Key competencies: server application development, databases, Machine Learning, blockchain.

Boris Bondarev


Boris leads development of fintech services for Telecom and banks. He has MCs degree in Mathematics and solid background in programming and project management. Boris has developed interfaces with Facebook, Viber, Wechat and Kik. Key competencies: SMS, USSD, chatbots, server application development, databases, messaging and distributed transactions, blockchain.

Artem Voronov


Artem is graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a master's degree of IT. Artem is developing Visual Editor for chatbots. He is Oracle certified professional and author of TopicsBot project ( He teaches the “Object-oriented analysis and design” at NSU. Key competencies: SMS/USSD/chatbots, messaging and distributed transactions, blockchain. Hobby: Artem plays electric guitar.

Nikita Tekutiev


Nikita Tekutiev, project manager of, oversees all phases of the software development process from concept to delivery. Takes part in B2B sales in Telecom and Fintech. Skills: Project and Product Management, Chatbots, Messaging, User interface, Business Communication.

Denis Enenko


Denis has a Master of Mathematics degree of the Novosibirsk State University, his speciality is Mathematical Economics. His experience in IT is over 10 years. Denis leads technical development of the front-end applications in Key competences: front-end, back-end, databases, distributed transactions, messaging, chatbots, and blockchain.

Anna Guseva


Anna Guseva is a philologist, graduated from Novosibirsk State University, speaks and writes Russian, English and Italian fluently. Anna is AI chatbots training specialist. She takes part in a customer care and fintech projects.

Andrey Komarov


Andrey has graduated from Tomsk Economics and Law Institute, with a bachelor degree in civil law. He has also graduated from Tomsk State Polytechnic University as master of management, international business. Andrey has 20 years of juridical experience in different business branches - finance, healthcare, trade, intellectual property, and others. He specialises in IT since 2005.

Advisory board

Ben Yu



Ben has more than 25 years experience in IT, Technology, Marketing, Finance and Business Consultancy. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Business Administration. After his career in IBM he worked as external consultant in the field of Business Strategic Planning, Marketing and Service Innovation. Ben's recent activities involve consulting on Business Planning & Development of Strategic Methods in the deployment of Blockchain technology in various industries, including but not limited to payment systems, cryptocurrency & products' authentication.



Sergeу has degrees in Computer Science (Tomsk Polytechnic University), and Physics (Novosibirsk State University). He has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and IT experience, building international IT teams and business development; held top managerial positions in CyberPlat and other companies. Sergey is author of several international IT patents, his competence includes databases, telecommunications and payment systems.

Dmitry Khan - Strategic Advisor



More than 20 years of enterpreneurship in hitech, biotech, and space technologies. Co-founder of the first Russian privately-owned aerospace company DauriaAerospace. Co-founder of capital investment fund Rostock Biotech One focusing on biotechnological solutions for increasing of human active lifespan, medical problems of aging, and cancer treatment. Dmitry has experience in investment banking, successful M&A deals in telecom, IT and other domains. Dmitry graduated from Moscow State University (degree in Economics), studied at International Program on the Management of Sustainability, Sustainability Challenge Foundation, has experience in building international cooperation and joint ventures. Dmitry is ultra-marathoner and a master of Eastern martial arts.

Ariel Israilov - Investment Advisor



Ariel graduated from Finanz Akademie, Vienna and has trading and market making background with over 15 years of global entrepreneurship experience. As a venture capitalist his investment focus is East-African, ASEAN and CIS countries. Ariel is the CEO and Founder of FRESHVALE LTD and several IT, finance and security technologies companies.

Serguei Popov



Serguei Popov is one of the most respected and prominent mathematicians in crypto community and early stage crypto enthusiast. He is one of the founders of IOTA and WINGS projects. Serguei fully mathematically substantiated the algorithms of the tangle for IOTA (new approach in blockchain with low cost of transactions). Serguei is a research mathematician working in the field of Stochastic Processes and living in Brazil. He became interested in crypto in the end of 2013, and made a number of contributions to the theoretical aspects of the Nxt cryptocurrency and PoS in general.



Anar Babayev is a blockchain enthusiast who specialises in ICO marketing. Among other successful campaigns he took part in Giga Watt ICO with proceeds amounted to $22 mln. Anar is also a co-author of a number of books, such as “Marketing of Mobile Games and Applications”, “Website Creation”, “Promotion”, “Button Money”, and “Context Advertising”. He participated in development of a bunch of services and tools -, SeoPult PPC,

Dmitry Sviridenko



Dmitry Ivanovich Sviridenko, MiniApps Advisor on Science and Innovation, Full Doctor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Professor. Dmitry Ivanovich together with Academicians Y. Yershov and S. Goncharov was awarded a prestigious prize of the Soviet Academy of Science for inventing the Theory of Semantic Modelling/Programming in 1987. Dmitry combines work at the Novosibirsk State University and the Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. His area of expertise is the Theory of Semantic Programming applied to semantic smart bargains and contracts.

Andrey Mantsivoda



Andrey Valerievich Mantsivoda is a Professor of the Irkutsk State University (IrSU), Full Doctor of Mathematics and Physics, an acclaimed specialist in Applied Logic and Computer Science. He is the founder of Libretto Labs Inc. (2011), a resident of Skolkovo Foundation, Co-founder of Logus LLC. Andrey works with KU Leuven - Belgium's largest and highest-ranked university. In 2014 he was appointed as Vice-Rector for Strategic Development at IrSU. Andrey leads the team which develops a programming language Libretto (2010, together with A. Malykh) and works on applications of semantic modelling to business processes.

Jan Robert Schutte



Jan Robert Schutte (CEO CryptoAcademy) has more than 25 years of trading experience in the derivatives and commodities markets. He was involved in creating the largest Dutch Brokerage, BinckBank. In 2011, he co-founded OptieAcademy that aims to increase the level of knowledge of investors. Jan Robert is a technical trader/coach who has already coached thousands of investors and especially in Options and Crypto Currency Trading. In 2015 Jan Robert won an investment competition among 1500 participants. In september 2016 Jan Robert was Cofounder of an online community which has now nearly 5000 members. In 2017 Jan Robert co-founded and is now a CEO of which is the #1 Dutch Crypto Trading & Blockchain Community. Jan Robert is an experienced community builder and created several online Investing and Crypto Currency communities. Also has Jan Robert a broad network in the Crypto- and Blockchainworld, encouraged by his huge sales skills.


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